Attractive Frontend

Frontend forms the foremost point whereby visitors and customers interact with and form an image of your firm. In case of cluttered desk, there are chances that you might miss your customers. The first impression of your frontend is what determines whether your client will proceed for deal or search for other options. We understand the significance of attractive Frontend and thus we try our level best to provide Frontend according to our client’s requirements. Well we not only make your frontend attractive but also make in user-friendly in order to make the frontend accessible to all.

Strong Backend

Frontend provides the visual design view of your website while the main operations like Merchandizing, Catalog management, Content Management, Online collateral management, customer support and many more operations are been carried out at Backend. Backend works like an integrated system whereby all processing and coding of data is carried out. Considering the significance of Backend, we provide you with a strong Backend, which helps you to carry out all operations smoothly, thus ensuring smooth co-ordination with Frontend.

Search Engine Friendly

Many believe that search engine friendly refers to developing of website that has a ranking on commercial web pages or making sure web pages are included in a search engine box. However, in our case, we believe that search engine is developed to simplify complex operations for end users. Thus with this motto, our core team of developers have tried to build a system that would simplify operations for end users rather than considering the ratings of site as at the end of day customer satisfaction is what matters to us!!

Multiple Reports Available

With ever-changing times, an admin needs to revise his strategies and make suitable changes in operations of his firm to match up to required market standards. For strategies, it becomes crucial on part of admin to stay updated with Product report, Sales report, Demand Forecast and Reports dealing with finance part of company. Through our multiple reports available feature, an admin can get deal with multiple reports without searching through folders. Mere clicks and you are updated with current status of your firm!!

Mobile Optimized

In era of android and iphones, having a non-mobile optimized site is sure to cause you lose major chunk of your audience. A mobile optimized site is dynamic in nature as it emphasizes on greater navigation options and highlighted keywords thus facilitating user to get what he is looking forward to. Mobile optimized site ensures that your site can be browse anytime, anywhere, thus increase your reach for your target audience. At 99ecommerce, our core team provides you with mobile optimized site that helps to keep the content organized and to the point.

Multiple Payment Option

At 99ecommerce, we have molded ourselves to meet our client’s needs. We believe in expanding our features to provide maximum benefit to our clients. Thus in case of payment, we are providing a plethora of options for our clients. Some of options that are offered in our multiple Payment option are-

  • Cash On Delivery
  • Internet Banking
  • Pay by Credit Card
  • Pay by Debit Card
  • Online Bank Transfers

Shipping Tracking

While an order is placed it is becomes one of the significant aspect of e commerce to able to track down the shipment. This not only strengths the customer confidence but also ensures the elimination of shortcomings beforehand. Hence, one of the prominent features of our set up is the shipping tracking. Any user can easily track down his or her shipment with the given identification number. The activated network across the different points of the cities adds aid in providing the information about the shipment with its exact tracking location. Therefore, while the customer places an order of your product through this platform, he and she can effortlessly check the shipment and stay assured.

Promotional Tools

In the market that has developed into a highly competent, competitive and flexible; the businessperson has to be all set with respect to strategies and plans as a part of promotion. Once a retailer or seller gets in contact with us regarding his or her product, they are no longer required to be apprehensive about the promotional factor. Our promotional team skillfully takes care of the strategic promotional plans for each brand that is registered with us. The promotional tools used by us with the aim of making the product stand out in the market are authentic, imperative and lucrative in nature. The repeated brainstormings sessions that are done by the team are to ensure that the promotional tools and tactics chosen by us turn out to be supremely beneficial for the brands.